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Acqua-systems also provides service contracts for existing shower installations.

ACQUA-SYSTEMS everything under one roof installation service aftercare

Welcome to ACQUA-SYSTEMS, your one-stop destination for everything related to perfect installations, excellent service and reliable aftercare.

At ACQUA-SYSTEMS, we understand that your time is precious. That's why we offer a wide range of services, all in one place, to make the installation process as smooth and efficient as possible. Whether you need plumbing installation, electrical systems or service and maintenance, we have it all under one roof.

Our dedicated and experienced professionals ensure that every installation is done expertly. We pay attention to every detail and strive for nothing less than perfection, so you can enjoy trouble-free and reliable operation of your systems.

But our commitment goes beyond installation. At ACQUA-SYSTEMS, we believe in excellent service and aftercare, allowing us to build long-term relationships with our customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions, troubleshoot problems and maintain your systems. You can count on us for fast and reliable support whenever you need us.

Our mission is to make your life easier and give you peace of mind, knowing that your installations are in good hands. With ACQUA-SYSTEMS, you can count on high-quality installations, excellent service and the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact us today and find out how ACQUA-SYSTEMS can help you with all your installation needs. We promise nothing less than the best quality, service and aftercare, all under one roof.

ACQUA-SYSTEMS: Your reliable partner for all your installations, service and aftercare.

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New innovative shower sensor Solid Touch by Acqua-Systems; unique in the world and super thin. In the sanitary world there are problems with the existing shower sensors/ pushers.

Think of the infrared, piezo sensors. Problems arise due to moisture, vandalism, etc. If thermal disinfection is performed and the shower head leaks on the sensor, thermal disinfection stops. This is called an infrared alarm.

Our sensors are insensitive to this.

Acqua-Systems has developed a pressure sensor that is 100% reliable and 100% vandal resistant. We provide a 10-year warranty on our sensor.

There is no better sensor on the market.

Because the electronics of the existing sensors are built into the sensor itself, it is very sensitive to malfunctions; if you hit it, the electronics may break down and have to be replaced. Acqua-Systems has a sensor where the electronics are mounted above the ceiling. In the sensor there is only a cable through which light is sent by the electronics above the ceiling. As soon as the sensor is pressed (600 gr.) the light spectrum changes in the cable that lies in the pressure sensor. The system sees the change and switches on the shower. Acqua-Systems has four sensors: built-in (only a stainless steel cover plate), surface-mounted, a sensor that can be placed behind the tiles so that there is no longer a pressure sensor visible, and a tailor made sensor. The customer presses on the tile and the shower turns on. If vandals put a dent in the sensor, a constant pressure on the cable is created by the dent. The system sees this and resets itself to zero, so the next customer can take a shower as usual. This is unique and new in the sanitary world...


  • 10-year full guarantee on the Acqua-Systems shower sensor SOLID Touch .
  • Can be connected to all existing shower systems (De melker,Conti, Rada, and Priva)
  • No maintenance of the shower sensor

  • Vandal-proof, system always resets itself to zero.
  • All shower sensor parts can be replaced separately, so no high costs for a complete replacement.
  • Sublimotion technology (antibacterial).

    This sensor is durable, vandal-proof. Has a sleek design and is easy to install. 7 to 11 mm thick, round, square or rectangular. We can deliver it in stainless steel, plastic and mirror stainless steel.


    Sensors can be built in, e.g. by running them flush with the tiles, so flat walls, easy to clean, and very hygienic.


    We can also place sensors under or behind the tiles, which are highly vandal-proof and easy to maintain/clean.



    We can make almost anything you want, in terms of design, logos, large sensors, or tile size. There are endless possibilities.



Microspectrometry, the measurement of changes in the light spectrum, is the basis of this innovative detection system. Light is a pure signal that can be measured very accurately and reliably with advanced electronics. The closed system consists of a plastic optical fibre cable and an advanced electronic module. It uses a patented system that couples the entire spectrum of light in the optical cable. When pressure is applied to the cable, mechanical buckling points create deformations in the cable. These deformations in the cable result in a change of the spectral distribution of the light. Only the changes in light caused by the mechanical kinks, when pressure is applied, ultimately ensure detection. Changes in the light composition as a result of factors such as dirt, wind, rain, hail, moisture, snow and temperature can therefore not affect the functioning of the system. The various parameters of the system can be adjusted tailor-made for each application, enabling unique multiple detection combinations, which makes the system intelligent.


You will soon be able to find all your data in the Cloud. We monitor this Cloud, and if we notice a malfunction, we react accordingly.

Soon you will be able to access all your data in your own Cloud from anywhere in the world!