Acqua-Systems comes with a number of new products to the plumbing world. There is currently a great demand for reliable and well-functioning sensors for showers and urinals. Acqua-Systems has thereon with the Lightspeed system developed a new shower and sensor urinal sensor that is vandal resistant, is highly reliable and requires no maintenance. In addition, we also offer a 10 year warranty on the entire sensor.

More about Acqua-systems

  • Reliable

    The Acqua-Systems sensors
    are resistant to moisture.

  • Innovative

    The sensors switch based on light transmission. Unique in the world of bathrooms and flexible in shape and size.

  • Maintenance free

    Our shower sensors are maintenance free.

  • Warranty

    10 year warranty on our sensors. 5 year warranty
    on our Solid shower system.

Structure sensor

This sensor is durable, Vandal resistant. Has a sleek design and is easy to assemble, 7 to 11 mm thick, round, square or rectangular. We can deliver it in stainless steel, plastic and mirror stainless steel.

FM Sensor

Sensors can be incorporated, e.g. by making them like the tiles, so we can make flat walls, easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

Sensor behind the tile

We can also sensors under or behind the tiles places, highly vandal resistant and easy to maintain / clean.

Tailor made

We can do almost anything you want, in terms of design, logos, large sensors, or tile large. There are infinite possibilities.

Unique and innovative

The system is unique because we almost can do anything, and we switch to light, we can make existing systems but also own a shower system. Very flexible.

The sensors work on light transmission, and increasingly improved. We never stop developing new products in the plumbing industry.

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